Ergo Sum

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Who we are

Ergo Sum offers technical consulting services and training courses about information technology and designs and develops high-quality custom applications.

Ergo Sum is a company created in 1997 by two sibling professionals in field of information technology since 1987: Mr. Ulrico Canzi and Mrs. Manuela Canzi. Our clients are primary Italian and multinational companies: this proves quality of our services.

Our point of strength are:

What we offer

Services offered by Ergo Sum can be divided into three big classes:

  1. Consulting services about software development, selection, configuration, and design of information and data acquisition systems. Technical specifications for tenders.
  2. Development of distributed and critical applications for Windows, Linux, mobile equipments and Web.
  3. Education in house about software technologies, methodologies, and languages.

Please send us an email, write a fax, or leave your address, we'll be happy to examinate your needs.