Legal Data

Versione italiana

Legal data

Exact legal name
Ergo Sum s.n.c. di Ulrico e Manuela Canzi
Legal form
General partnership
Joint capital
Eur. 15 493.71 (Lit. 30.000.000) Fully paid-up
Dr. Ing. Ulrico Canzi 50%
Dr. Manuela Canzi 50%
Italian VAT Number and Fiscal Code
Repertory registration number at Italian Commerce Council (CCIAA)
VARESE: 16076/1997
REA number


Evaluation, design, production, selling, customization of software, systems and cybernetic equipments for any kind of use in any environment (home, industry or others) and based on any technology (electrical, electronics, optics or others)

Organization, planning and making of education and training courses having technical, scientific, economic or legal argument.

Technical, management and scientific (for instance, about mathematics, physic, statistics) consulting for private or public organizations and people.

Service outsourcing for private or public organizations and people, in particular information acquiring, elaboration, conversion, duplication and distribution on any type of media.

Creation of immaterial products for technics, science and management.

Creation of artworks like movies, animations, music, sounds, illustrations, logos, slogans, trade-names, games, stories, plots for any use.

Trade and retail in Italy and in foreign countries of: