We are specialized in fast development of high quality applications for Web and cloud, Windows, LinuxiOS and Android. We get the best of each operating environment.

We follow strictly user interface guidelines for Usability and we are able to design friendly interfaces also for complex tasks.

We have experince of distributed applications, both on network, and on several devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, automotive boxes and other special devices) not even connected.

We are able to interface our application from/to the other information systems (SAP, Datawarehouse, legacy applications, access and security control...)

Our tools

Tools and platforms we use more often are:

  • Cloud platforms:
    • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    • Azure (Microsoft)
  • Database Management System SQL:
    • Oracle,
    • Microsoft SqlServer,
    • MySQL
    • SQLite;
  • Application Server:
    • Based on Java (es. Tomcat e Oracle AS) by mean of JSP (Java Server Pages), JSTL (JSP Standard Template Library)
    • Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) by means of Active Server Pages and Dot.Net libraries or PHP
    • Platform LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP)
  • Programming languages C#CC++ObjectiveCVisual Basic, Java, PHP, Tcl/Tk;
  • Applications Microsoft Office: Access, Excel, Word, Project, Outlook controlled by VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • Languages and technologies for the web:
    • JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap,
    • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML),
    • HTML, xHtml, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet),
    • XML, XSLT (XML Stylesheet Language Transformation),
    • Json (JavaScript Object Notation),
    • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)