Ulrico Canzi after letterary school got his doctor degree "magna cum laude" in Industrial Technology Science at Politecnico of Milan. After one year of compulsory military service, with rank of Officer, he got a Master degree in Information Technology at Cefriel of Milan.

For five years he worked at Cefriel, under supervision of professors Giovanni Guida and Umberto Cugini, as researcher in field of artificial intelligence, industrial automation, automatic planning, robotics, relational and multimedia databases, video on demand.

At the same time he has been thesis tutor for Politecnico di Milan, University of Milan, University of Udine and University of Brescia.

For three years he has been lector at Politecnico of Milan.

For three years he has been contract professor at University of Brescia for the course of Software Engineering.

He attended several congresses in all world around and some times he had been also scientific board member. He had been referee for the important publication EEEI Transaction on Software Engineering. He's author of several scientific and technical papers.

Since 1988 up to 1996 he has been consultant in Information Technology.

In 1997 in partnership with his sister Manuela Canzi he founds Ergo Sum.


Project leading: long experience in leading teams and in managing information tecnology projects.

Software Design: Very good knowledge about architetures (2-tier, 3-tier, distributes applications, SOA...) protocols (Web Services, HTTP, TCP/IP...), formalisms and methodologies (UML, Unified Process).

Languages: he used and often taught procedural (Modula-2, C, Pascal, Fortran), functional (Lisp), object oriented (C++, Java), fourth generation languages, web languages (HTML, XML, XSLT) and knoledge based and rule based langages for artificial intelligence and expert systems.

Database Systems: theoretical and practical knowledge of SQL language, and multidimensional analytical data systems (OLAP).

Operating Systems: good knowledge of Windows and Unix.